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Comedy of Terrors

1963 Starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff in a story where a dishonest undertaker Waldo Trumbull and his sidekick Felix Gillie are creating their own customers when they cannot find willing ones.

The War of the Gargantuas

 1966 Starring  Russ Tamblin,Kumi Mizuno, and Kenji Sahara An experimental lab animal called a gargantua escapes from his captors and is suspected to be the creature that is killing people all over the countryside. 

THe Vampire Bat

1933 starring   lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, and Melvin Douglas in a story where  corpses drained of blood begin to show up in a European village, vampirism is suspected to be responsible. 

THe Earth Dies Screaming

1965 Starring Willard Parker, Virginia Field, and Dennis Price in a story where  in Britain, a group of survivors fights off a deadly alien invasion that uses robots and a poisonous gas to take over the Earth. 

Caltiki the Undying Monster

1959 Starring John Merival, Didi Sullivan, and Gerard Herter in a story where  Archaeologists investigating some Mayan ruins come across a blob-like monster. They manage to destroy it with fire, but keep a sample. Meanwhile, a comet is due to pass close to the Earth.

Hercules in a Haunted World

1961 Starring Reg Park, Christopher Lee, and Leonora Ruffo in a story where  Hercules must journey in Hades itself to retrieve the magic stone that will free his love from the powers of darkness. 

Spider Baby , or the Maddest story ever told

1967 Starring Lon Chaney Jr. , Carol Ohmart, and Quinn K. Redeker in a story where a caretaker devotes himself to three demented siblings after their father's death. 

Vampire Hookers

1978 Starring John Carradine, Bruce Fairbairn, and Trey Wilson in a story where Carradine is an aged vampire who has a bevy of vampiric beauties who lure many of their customers back to his lair. A pair of virile young Navy sailors get mixed up in their shenanigans. 

Tomb of Ligea

1964 Starring Vincent Price, Elizabeth Shepherd, John Westbrook in a Roger Corman story where a man's obsession with his dead wife drives a wedge between him and his new bride.

Last Man On Earth

1964 Starring Vincent Price, Franca Bettoia, and Emma Danieli in a story where a disease turns all of humanity into the living dead, the last man on earth becomes a reluctant vampire hunter.

The Tingler

1959 Starring Vincent Price, Judith Evelyn, and Darryl Hickman in a story where an obsessed pathologist discovers and captures a parasitic creature that grows when fear grips its host.

House on Haunted Hill

1959 Starring Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, and Richard Long in a story where a group of people get 10,000 dollars for staying overnite in a haunted house...

The Bat

1959 Starring Vincent Price, Agnes Morehead, and Gavin Gordon in a story where a crazed killer known as "The Bat" is on the loose in a mansion full of people.


1946 Starring Vincent Price and Anabel Shaw in this psychological post WWII suspense thriller about a woman who witnesses a murder.

The Monster Maker

1944 Starring J. Carrol Naish, Ralph Morgan, and Tala Birell in a story where a mad scientist injects his enemies with a virus, causing them to become hideously deformed.

King of the Zombies

1941 Starring Dick Purcell, Joan Woodbury, and Mantan Moreland in a story where on a spooky island, three stranded travelers find an evil doctor working with foreign spies and in control of zombies.

Revolt of the Zombies

1936 Starring Dorothy Stone, Dean Jagger, and Roy D'Arcy in a story where an international expedition is sent into Cambodia to destroy an ancient formula that turns men into zombies.

Bloody Pit of Horror

1965 Starring Mickey Hargitay, Walter Brandi, and Luisa Baratto in a story where a photographer and his models go to an old, abandoned castle to shoot some sexy covers for horror novels. Unbeknownst to them, the castle is inhabited by a lunatic who believes himself to be the reincarnated spirit of a 17th-century executioner whose job it is to protect the castle against intruders.

Lady Frankenstein

1971 Starring Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, and Paul Muller in a story where Dr. Frankenstein is killed by a monster he created, his daughter and his lab assistant Marshall continue his experiments. The two fall in love and attempt to transplant Marshall's brain