Vengeance Valley

1951 Starring Burt Lancaster, Robert Walker, Joanne Dru in a story where the sons of a Colorado cattle baron, one biological and the other adopted, resent one another and fight for control of their father's cattle empire.

Concrete Cowboys

1979 Starring Tom Selleck, Jerry Reed, and Morgan Fairchild in a story where Two Montana Cowboys head to Nashville to open up a detective agency.


1958 Starring Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, and Fabrizio Mioni in a story where the muscular Hercules performs his Labors, sails with the Argonauts, and romances the fair Iole.

Hercules Unchained

1959 Starring Steve Reeves, Sylva Koscina, and Sylvia Lopez in a story where Hercules is negotiating peace between two brothers contesting the throne of Thebes, affected by amnesia he is seduced by the evil Queen Omphale.

Hercules Conquers Atlantis

1961 Starring  Reg Park, Fay Spain, and Ettore Manni in a story where Strong yet sleepy Hercules discovers that the Queen of Atlantis is plotting to take over the world with superhuman warriors.

Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon

1964 Starring Peter Lupus, Helga Lin, and Mario Petri in a story where Hercules fights to free the people of Babylon from an evil sorceress.

Ursus in the Land of Fire

1963 Starring Ed Fury, Luciana Gilli, and Adriano Micantoni in a story about a cruel and ambitious general who murders his king and takes over the kingdom, then invades friendly neighbors lands and enslaves there women, now enter the hero Ursus in a tournament to challenge the new kings authority.

The Ten Gladiators

1963 Starring Roger Browne, Jos   Greci, and Dan Vadis  Roccia and a band of fellow gladiators join forces with a patrician named Glaucus Valerius to replace Nero, (and his evil henchman, Tigelinus), with a new emperor: Servius Galba.

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

1938 Starring John Howard, Heather Angel, and Anthony Quinn where Drummond, his girlfriend and his butler try to free an high post of Scotland Yard who has been kidnapped.


1942 Starring Leslie Howard , David Niven, and Rosamund John in a story about the aircraft designer who quickly designed the spitfire at the cost of his health.

We Dive At Dawn

1943 Starring John Mills, Louis Bradfield, and Ronald Millar in a story where all leave is canceled so that a British submarine can be sent after a new German warship. They chase it so far that they have no fuel to get home.

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

1942 Starring Godfrey Tearle, Eric Portman, Hugh Williams, and Peter Ustinov in a story about a british bombers Crew who seeks help from the Dutch underground to escape nazi occupied Holland.


1952 Starring Angela Lansbury, Mark Stevens, and Patric Knowles in a story about a ship early in the war of 1812 that transports an unofficial war loan from France in Gold and the mutiny that occurs because of it.

Kid Monk Baroni

1952 Starring Leonard Nimoy in a story about a leader of a street gang who becomes a professional boxer to escape his life in  little Italy  New York.

The Master Touch

1972 Starring Kirk Douglas in a story about a con just released from prison who decides to do one last heist, cue the outrageous car chase.

Great Expectations

1946 Starring John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Tony Wager in a story where a humble orphan suddenly becomes a gentleman with the help of an unknown benefactor.

Unknown World

1951 Starring Bruce Kellogg, Otto Waldis, and Jim Bannon in a story where scientists use a gigantic drilling machine for an expedition to the center of the earth.

King Solomon's Mines

1937 Starring Cedric Hardwicke and Anna Lee in this Classic story of Allan Quartermain who helps a young irish woman search for her father who went missing looking for King Solomon's fabled diamond mines

The Most Dangerous Game

1932 Starring Joel McCrea, Fay Wray, and Leslie Banks in a tale about a Russian count who hunts humans for sport.

The Fast and the Furious

1954 Starring John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, and Bruce Carlisle in a story where a man falsely accused of murder breaks out of jail, takes a beautiful young woman and joins a car race heading to mexico to evade capture from the authorities...