Demon of Mount Oe

1960 Starring Kazuo Hasegawa, Raizo Ichikawa, and  Shintaro Katsu in a story where a team of samurai warriors team up to defeat a shape-changing, supernatural creature.

Youkai Monsters

1968 Starring Yoshihiko Aoyama, Hideki Hanamura, and Chikara Hashimoto in a story where the local youkai (Japanese spirits) interfere to avenge a murder and thwart the plans of corrupt officials.

Black Fist

1974 Starring Richard Lawson, Annazette Chase, and Philip Michael Thomas in a story where to make money, a Los Angeles street-fighter goes to work for gangsters

Ninja Death I

1987 First part in a Three Movie Series , in this one Tiger - the owner of a brothel moonlights as a Kung Fu artist under the watchful eye of Master

Ninja Death II

1987 Second Part of Three Movie Series

Ninja Death III

1987 Third and Final part to the three Part Series

Chase Step by Step

1974 Starring Chee Kung and Wang Guan Sheong in a story about two  circus performers who are tasked with escorting relief in the form of gold bullion to a droughth stricken region , now bring on the bandits.

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

1976 a complex story about and evil ruler and his sorcerer, and 3 heros who die fighting them but there children return to settle the score...starring Polly Kuan.

The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu

1981 Two Ming Patriots Spend their days helping the weak and rescuing damsels in distress

The Real Bruce Lee

1973 Starring Bruce Lee , the master of martial arts.

Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave

1976 Starring Bruce K.L. Lea