Lawless Land

1936 Starring Johnny Mack Brown, Louise Stanley, and Ted Adams in a story where Jeff arrives in town to see the Sheriff only to find him just killed. The culprit is Clay Wheeler. When Jeff becomes friendly with Letty, Clay sends his man Ortega to kill him.

Baby Face Morgan

1942 Starring Richard Cromwell, Mary Carlisle, and Robert Armstrong in a story where a gang chief Big Mike Morgan is killed, and his lieutenant,  Doc  Rogers re-organizes the mob.

West of the Divide

1934 Starring John Wayne,  Virginia Brown Faire, and George 'Gabby' Hayes in a story where Ted Hayden impersonates a wanted man and joins Gentry's gang only to learn later that Gentry was the one who killed his father. He saves Virginia Winters' dad's ranch from Gentry and also rescues his long-lost brother Spud.

Angel and the Badman

1947 Starring John Wayne, Gail Russell, and Harry Carey in this story where Quirt Evans, an all round bad guy, is nursed back to health and sought after by Penelope Worth, a Quaker girl. He eventually finds himself having to choose between his world and the world Penelope lives in.

Fire Over England

1937 Starring Laurence Olivier, Flora Robson, and Vivien Leigh in a story about Queen Elizabeth and the people of her court.

Broken Arrow

1950 Starring James Stewart, Jeff Chandler, and Debra Paget in a story about a man who tries to make peace between settlers and Apaches.

Caesar and Cleopatra

1945 Starring Claude Rains, Vivian Leigh, and Stewart Granger in this story about Julius Caesar and Cleopatra

The Last Time i saw Paris

1954 starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, and Walter Pidgeon in a story where Charles returns to Paris to reminisce about the life he led in Paris after it was liberated. He worked on "Stars and Stripes" when he met Marion and Helen. He would marry and be happy staying in Paris after his discharge and working for a news organization. 

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

1952 Starring Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward, and Ava Gardner in Earnest Hemingway's story about a writer who reflects on his life as he is dying of infection on an African safari.

His Girl Friday

1940 comedy starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell as a news reporter trying to get out of the news biz

Penny Serenade

1941 starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne , a couples big dreams give way to a life of unexpected sadness and unexpected joy.

My Dear Secretary

1948 Starring Kirk Douglas in this romantic comedy about a guy who asks a woman to be his secretary but its not at his office...its at his apartment! Let the fun begin...


1938 Starring Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller, and Wilfrid Lawson in the George Bernard Shaw classic about a Victorian dialect expert who bets he can take a lower class girl and teach her to speak proper English, and thus be taken for a lady.


1934 starring Josephine Baker , in this movie the star pleads for help when her love is accused of murder , can her stage performance save the show? how bout her love?

As You Like It

1936 Starring Laurence Olivier and Elisabeth Bergner in this first film version of William Shakespeare's classic pastoral comedy about a Girl who disguises herself as a boy to stay near the boy she loves.

Hot Rod Girl

1956 Starring Lori Nelson, Chuck Connors, and John Smith in a story about a drag racer who after his kid brother dies quits racing, but another wants him to start racing again to only take the champions title, he's already got his girl!

Manhattan Tower

1932 Starring Mary Brian, Irene Rich, and James Hall in a post-depression love story about two people who work in the Empire State Building.

Behind Office Doors

1931 Starring Mary Astor, Robert Ames, and Ricardo Cortez in Story about a secretary who loves a boss who takes her for granted until a rival tries taking her away from him.

Made For Each Other

1939 Starring Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard in this Romantic Comedy about a young lawyer who marries a girl after only knowing her for one day.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

1930 Starring Bert Wheeler , Robert Woolsey and Dorothy Lee in a story about two fast talking insurance salesmen who meet a woman running away from her mother, add a run down hotel and phony PR Campaign to bring in rich patrons and complications soon arise.